Sunday, October 3, 2010


I got a call from Fauzan, the head of Intellectual Convention (IC) ConvoFair2010 on Saturday morning (2.46am) asking me whether I would be able to be MC for the event on Sunday, 3rd October...

With a little hesitation, I agreed upon his request as he mentioned that there are no other ppl willing to be the MC and couldn't find any MC in such short time.. Well, since I had always like to try out to be an MC, I finally agreed to it!!

I went through a whole day of rehearsal starting from 9am till 12am midnite....After a one long day of rehearsal, I thought of resting early to be fully prepared for my MCing the following morning however sudden tasks just pop up...Since I am in the HRM dept of ConvoFair, I need to seek for urgent manpower backup for Sunday....

Well I called up almost every committee in the database list, used up till almost 10 bucks calling till 2am in the morning and managed to only get 2 extra manpower....

End up sleeping around 2 something and waking up at 7am the next morning!! Fuhhh tiring!!

Went undercroft sharp at 8am and start preparing for MCing.....Hmm my first time being a formal MC is kinda bad i guess as there are many stumbles here and there with many forgotten lines and mistakes every now and then =p

Well for a first timer, i would say, it was kinda bad =p

However, i felt relieved and happy once everything came to an end...It was indeed a very tiring weekend for me,....I do not have much time to rest at all and there are tonnes of projects and assignments piling up ahead of me......hmm alright i better starting working on a few =p

In a nutshell, MC-ing is not so bad after all~~ =)

Saturday, October 2, 2010



As I sat on my study table thinking of how to start my project paper, my mind wonders far away....Wonders from one issue to another...

Wondering whether am I making the right choice??
Wondering whether is it worth it????
Wondering whether I will be able to cope up???
Wondering whether I will always be this lucky everytime???
Wondering whether I am strong and capable enough to hold on till the end???
Wondering whether I will faint one day???
Wondering whether I will breakdown into tears one day??

And as I wonder......I suddenly felt the "second needle" ticking on my watch getting louder and louder and as it gets louder, it is getting faster and faster....Somehow i felt that the time accelerated double the usual speed!! AND my heart is racing at the speed of light as well!!

I felt im so left behind, so abandoned....
by time, by work, by studies, by events, by friends, by relationship....

Then I start feeling....
Whether I will be able to catch up with all those.....
Whether I will be able to excel in everything I do...
Whether I will have enough time for each tasks....

My mind just wont stop wondering and wonders around aimlessly....When there are too much to wonder, you just don't know how or where to focus on already!! You just feel like ignoring everything and act as though nothing ever matters.... You just feel like sleeping all day, not thinking about anything and put all the worries aside....

If I were give one minute, just one minute......Not having to think about all those.... It would already be more than enough for me!!!

And as I typed this, another 20minutes gone....Time Flies like nobody's business!!
You got to be alert and quick to catch up with it or it will be vanished from your sight in a blink of an eye!!

Cherish every second you have!!
Treasure every moment!! =)
Think about your loved ones!! They will always be there for you!!
Thanks to all those who has always been by my side through my hard times....
With your love and support, it is the main source of my determination to hold on and be strong!!

Be happy no matter what comes ahead of you~~~

I can DO IT!!! AND.... I BELIEVE I CAN!!!

Attached together with this post is an ispirational video which i got from YouTube which inspires me alot!! Hope that it can inspire those who are facing the same situation as me as well!!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Great Hiking Experience

On the 21st of December 2009, I went hiking with a bunch of friends at Bukit Melawati/Bukit Tabur. My sister asked me one day whether I would like to go hiking. Then I gave it a thought and think that it is not such a bad idea to occupy my long term sem break with such adventurous sport. Furthermore I love adventurous activities, hence I thought, why not give it a try??

Well, I started asking a few of my friends and they agreed to come along. I got so excited and I was looking forward to this. We changed the hiking date quite a number of times to cope up with everyone's tight schedule. The ones involved were:

1. Mong
2. Tammy jie jie
3. Mellissa
4. DG
5. Ah Wen
6. Wei Di
7. ME

Actually before asking them and getting them to agree on this trip, I was a little not so confident on getting them to come as not all are from KL except me and sis. But, they were all very sporting and are willing to come along with me on this trip and I bet they did not regret on this too as it was really a LIFE YEARNING EXPERIENCE!!

Firstly, we got up as early as 5.00am in the morning to get prepared for everything and departed home (cheryl's hse) at 6.30am..

We drove to 7-11 and get some necessary items and go on with our journey towards bukit melawati. I am the driver of course!! *proud to be one* =p

We reached the foothill and parked somewhere at the cornering of the road. Initially we wanted to park nearer to the entrance, but a tree branch fell off and blocked 3/4 of the road. Only a kancil can passby. Therefore we need to walk up further to reach the entrance. Well is ok..take it as warming up before climbing the hill =)
walking towards the entrance

Then our journey up the hill began.. It is about a 45minute - 1 hour walk up the hill.

Hmm we havent even start climbing any hills yet, and it was so tiring we took our first break before starting the adventurous part climbing up the hill.

sis felt a little drowsy ady so had to stop for chocolate break =)

After munching on a few pieces of chocolate, we were ready to continue our jouney.

UP, UP, UP we went!!

And here we were at our first peak! =)

So happy to be at the peak, thinking that we were close to finishing already, but little did we knew that there were actually many other peaks more to go... fuhh.... worries GOGOGO!! the spirit is still high up withing ourselves~~

Hiking up like a spiderwoman!! hehehe =p

Wei Di fell in love with the rocks =D well, trully a Geologist

posting for pictures at almost every peak

We were actually climbing a hill which separates the city and the jungle. Therefore we were in the middle =) How to be in the city and the jungle at the same time? check this out!!

This is the city on my right

and this is part of the jungle on my left

We experienced such beautiful sceneries and many marvelous and breathtaking views along the hike. It was almost unbelievable that we were up there seeing all those =) I just can't believe my eyes

Is us..conquering every part of the hill!! =)

The most challenging part of the hike!! We got to use the help of the rope to get down.. Is like abseiling =)

WEEEeeeeee....down i come!! =)

The 2nd most challenging part of the hike =) Have to hug the big rock up there which shaped like a cone to get over. Fuh..really not a very good suggestion for acrophobics =p

I am on the top of the world!!! =) woohooo

Lying on the cliff...once turn our body or accidentally shift a little, then is bye bye...down we go rolling......

This should be the highest peak of all as there are soft moss all over the ground.

It felt so like in avatar and you will never feel as though that this is actually KL. The soft and slightly moist/cooling moss was soo comfortable after a long and rough hike up the hill..It was so comforting sitting on it just like sitting on the best quality carpet one can ever get =p

Coming down the mountain was more to jungle trekking. It was not so much fun as going up which is the opposite of what I thought so at first.

FINALLY!! here we are at the end of the hill...We DID IT!! we successfully hike the mountain in like almost 5hours =p haha

YES....this is the hill we conquered...Yup we went from peak to peak and down we came =)

The mighty ladies present on that day: Mel, Me, Tammy

The armstrong guys present that day: DG, Wei Di, Ah Wen, Mong

Overall, our hike was actually 1/4 brisk walking up the hill, 1/4 rock climbing, 1/4 abseiling, 1/4 jungle trekking =p

Dun play play, we uni students can do more than just studying!! =)

It was really a fun and memorable hike!! Through this trip, I even had a closer bond with my uni mates as we gone through hardship, tough times and laughter together =) I really did the right thing by inviting them along as I really had a WONDERFUL time!! ^^ I hope they too had as much fun as me =D

After a long and tired hike, we went and celebrate our victory by treating ourselves a scrumptious seafood meal with cooling coconut water at Air Panas ^^

And that is all on our hike!! =) TQ for all those who were present on that day and thanks for making my day =) Love you all lotzz!!!

~~**## tHe eNd ##**~~

Monday, November 30, 2009

Im Back!! =)

Im back to KL...finally after struggling for 2months in UTP with events, test, assignments and exams...

Now im finally free!! =)

Can eat all i want, can sleep all i want and can play all i want ^^

Lots have changed...My lil sis has transformed from a little baby to a young adult....aww how i miss the cute little sister last time =p haha

Well not to say that she is not cute now..just that i kinda miss hugging the tiny little body i used to hug...Now she is almost my size..huhu

Plus the giant pink seahorse she got from genting!! =.="" It snatched my space on bed last night T.T

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Fnshed SP and CO...
No comments on that T.T

now striving for MOB!!!!
MOB = More On Bullshit...

The text book crap no 1...full of nonsense, much to much to little time...


Friday, November 13, 2009

Moral Studies

Fnsh Moral paper!!
Finally I do not have to touch moral for the rest of my life anymore....
Although i screwed up moral but hu cares...Really don't want to touch that subject anymore ever again....

2 devastating subject completed, 3 more bombastic ones to come...
Have to continue training day and night!!
Train like an army...

Spirited Cheryl is now getting ready for SP!!!

using namespace std;

int main ()
cout<<"Hello SP, here I come!!"\n;
cout<<"Hopefully this paper would be better than the previous two"\n;
cout<<"GOGO JIA YOU!!"\n;

return 0;